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Ealing Broadway Cycle hub

24 September 2012


Nick O’Donnell, Assistant Director of Strategic Transport, London Borough of Ealing has been one of many cycling champions who have worked tirelessly to bring the new cycle hub to the commuters and local residents in Haven Green, Ealing. In July 2011 the Ealing Council Cycling Strategy objective of creating a new dynamic Cycle Hub on the corner of Haven Green, next to the Ealing Broadway station was defined and the wheels to revolutionise the area were set in motion.

Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub


H-B Designs, the Cycle Hub Specialists, have consulted on the project from the conceptual design stage, through to the full turn-key installation opening this summer and have included their new next generation street cycle parking stands within the scheme.

Advanced Compact Cycle Parking a.k.a. ACCP are designed especially for public and amenity spaces, providing secure cycle parking for cyclists and ensuring a flexible, cost effective, long term solution for cycle hubs of the future.

Cycle hub design and build


Working with multiple stakeholder groups such as English Heritage, Friends of Haven Green & Ealing Civic Society, Network Rail and the London Taxi Drivers Association, H-B Designs have increased the cycle parking provision by 89% and designed low maintenance, eco shelters to include cctv coverage and smart illumination.

taxi cabman shelter


 In addition the scheme has improved the existing taxi rank positions and provides a new integrated ‘Cabman’s’ shelter, the first one built in nearly 100 years.

Now the hub is finished pedestrian and cyclist access, to, from and through the site is improved and the design of the whole hub provides clear, unobstructed views to and from the green due to the sympathetic design of the slender unimposing shelters that sit neatly beneath the crowns of the established tree line.

This first installation at Haven Green for Ealing Council is a Gold Medal winning performance at a time when cycling has never been so popular.

advanced compact cycle parking

Author: H-B Designs