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Our architectural design service encompasses bespoke buildings both domestic and for the public realm, sports and Cycle-Centric infrastructure. In addition to our comprehensive service for optimised cycle hub layout checks, we provide a full design and planning service with project management and O&M documentation. Furthermore, we work with start-ups to develop new cycle-centric products and services from their concept to launch with Intellectual Property protection in place.

We offer a full design & planning service within our field of expertise. Getting in touch with us early on in the process will enable you to make informed decisions and take the appropriate actions to progress your project. In addition, we will help you by maximising available funds and ensuring sustainable product and architectural design are at the heart of your project.

Design Consultation

We will guide you in creating the best sustainable domestic and estate buildings, cycle-centric business facilities, sports club structures and urban realm regeneration projects.


Unfortunately, the reality today is we face shrinking budgets, increasing amounts of bureaucracy and lengthy stakeholder consultation. As a result, some projects never get going, and others take years to kick-off; a few are last-minute dashes. However, we understand the issues you face and can help you from the start.

By getting in touch early on in the process, will enable you to make better-informed decisions and take the appropriate action to progress your project, maximising the use of available funds and ensuring that sustainable product and architectural design are at the heart of the project.

Design Consultation

Architectural Planning & Technical Design

It could be that you require a sustainably resourced and managed domestic building or striking cycle hub, an urban park bandstand, a sympathetic shelter for a country club or a complex building solution for your sports club. We carefully consider the site constraints and convert them into possibilities, endeavouring to maximise the site potential.

We are adept at creating designs of architectural merit within parks and estates, private properties and sports fields. Our designs establish the right relationships between buildings and the landscaped realm surrounding and linking them.

Whatever the location, we will provide a solution to meet the needs and budget, providing a collaborative design process between the design team, specialist consultants, authorities and clients to ensure that the design outcome is personalised and connected to its surroundings.

Architectural Design

Product Design & Engineering

Our expertise allows us to offer unique design solutions for cycle-centric and urban realm products. Working with start-up firms, we have considerable experience taking concept ideas through a rigorous design development process to produce working prototypes, technical production drawings, IP detailing and final production and marketing material.

Previous works include UK Innovation funded home cycle parking, SSSI waymarkers, modular microstructures, security enclosures and corporate identity building signage and encompasses all the associated design, prototype, development and finalised production phases.

We appreciate that good visualisation ensures that the project maintains momentum and engages with all shareholders. We create stunning computer models, photorealistic imagery, and 'walk through' animations for clients using the latest technologies.

Product Design

Project Marketing & Promotion

Delivering successful projects for outdoor activities such as our leading sports and bicycle infrastructure is only part of the whole process.

A vital element often overlooked is the need for up to date, stylish communications and marketing to launch, promote and sustain user uptake.

We champion this vital marketing element and provide a range of creative ideas and technologically driven solutions to promote and drive users to newly installed projects.

Project Marketing
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