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Design Expertise

Our design service for cycle-centric product and small building structures includes a comprehensive service for optimised cycle parking checks and full design and planning services for cycle-centric product and small building structures with project management and O&M documentation.

We regularly work for startup projects and companies to develop their new cycle-centric products and services from initial concept to product launch with Intellectual Property protection and strategic marketing plans in place.

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Design Consultation

Let us guide you.

Regardless of project size, the processes involved for a successful outcome remain broadly the same. Social, physical, mandatory and budgetary aspects all need to be addressed and acted upon in order to reach the objective.

The reality today is we face shrinking budgets, increasing amounts of bureaucracy and lengthy stakeholder consultation. Some projects never get going, and others take years to kick-off; a few are last-minute dashes.

We understand the issues you face and can help you right from the start. By getting in touch early on in the process, will enable you to make better-informed decisions and take the appropriate action to progress your project, maximising the use of available funds and ensuring that sustainable product and architectural design are at the heart of the project.


Architectural Design

Our architecturural design services are about establishing the right relationships between buildings and connecting the public realm within parks and estates, quiet lanes, tracks and sports fields.

It could be that you require a striking cycle hub to sit within an urban park or a sympathetic shelter for a country club or a complex building solution for your sports club. We carefully consider the site constraints and convert them into possibilities, endeavouring to maximise the site potential.

Whatever the location we are adept at producing a solution to meet the stakeholder needs and client budget, and we provide a collaborative design process between the design team, client and other relevant authorities to ensure that the design outcome is personalised and connected to its surroundings.


Product Design

We are specialists in the design of infrastructure enhancing products. Our expertise allows us to offer unique design solutions for cycle-centric products. Working with start-up firms, we have considerable experience of taking concept ideas through a rigorous design development process to produce working prototypes, technical production drawings, IP detailing and final production and marketing material.


Previous works include cycle parking stands, site-specific waymarkers, modular microstructures, security enclosures and all the associated elements involved.

We appreciate that good visualization ensures that the project maintains momentum and engages with all shareholders. Using the latest technologies, we create stunning computer models, photorealistic imagery and 'walk through' animations for clients.


Project Marketing & Promotion

Delivering successful projects for outdoor activities such as our leading sports and bicycle infrastructure is only part of the whole process.

A vital element often overlooked is the need for up to date, stylish communications and marketing to launch, promote and sustain user up-take.


We champion this vital marketing element and provide a range of creative ideas and technologically driven solutions to promote and drive users to newly installed projects.


Planning Ahead?

Our contribution can be made best use of at the first stage of a project to generate ideas with technical understanding and creative flair for the design, organisation and use of spaces. We provide all the necessary elements required to maintain the quality, safety, legal compliance, cost and time objectives that are needed to ensure the success of every project. Operating with the latest 3D software technology enables us to deliver eye catching visualisations and technical developed designs in addition to offering the best service to clients and continued development of our design team.


ask us for Revit/CAD files to speed up your project