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A Parklet is a versatile mini park or micro garden that converts a car parking space into a pleasant and protected place on the street for meeting up, lunching, performing or just hanging out.

Ealing Mobile Parklet

Ealing Mobile Parklet

Parklets create a more aesthetically appealing street level environment for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the health benefits gained by enabling easy access to each Parklet through physically active journeys to be there, the reduction in air and noise pollution by encouraging sustainable transport will ease congestion and reduce localised air pollution. Our Parklets are designed to change the way we think about public space and promote the creation of green sanctuaries in urban environments.


Our mobile platform Parklet was designed for the London Borough of Ealing and configured to sit on either side of the street with the correct road lights and same level access from the pavement.


Our design incorporated a collection of seats and spaces, planters and resilient foliage and cycle parking all within a street scene compliant, 2.35x 4.5m space. Being vandal proof, the clever components and fixing system made it totally re configurable  for moving to many different locations in the borough.


In addition to being moveable, our Parklet could be transformed into a whole new aesthetic for each location using graphic panels and new accessories.


The advantage of being able to very quickly deploy, without dismantling it, at any time around the borough to various locations and events, was unique and vital to its success.

Ealing Public Parklet

Ealing Public Parklet

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Smart City Parklet

Smart Cities Parklet

To ensure our new Parklets meet the Healthy Street Initiative and also the Smart City criteria; “A smart city is characterised by the integration of technology into a strategic approach to sustainability, citizen well-being and economic development,” we have designed our new Parklet to include innovative & technological components such as solar charged wireless phone charging, monitoring & lighting.

Our planting schemes include urban tolerant drought & pollution withstanding structural and non-toxic plants, grasses and shrubs. These are all secured into their planters and have water reservoirs built in to enable easy watering by local residents and maintenance teams.

Cycle parking included within the Parklet will be provided to a Sold Secure, Secured by Design 2018 standard and be suitable for safe and easy storage  of all bike types. The placement of the cycle parking allows for space to manoeuvre onto and off the Parklet safely. Due to the flexibility of our Parklet design we have the ability to add more or less cycle parking space to each Parklet. The standard number will be three bikes parked per Parklet.

Within the new Parklet we provide interchangeable planter/seat/table/bench components. By changing the topper of the planter we can convert it into a seat or suspend a bench between two planters, this optimises production costs and maintenance and gives us greater configuration flexibility. The planter/seat boxes can have graphic panels applied to follow a Parklet's theme. We are offering two seat heights to provide ergonomic access for a broad spectrum of ages and abilities.

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