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Super Cycle Hub Recipe

It’s what we do best, here are our Four Top Tips

man on bike

DO NOT position your cycle hub in the corner of your existing car park, by the refuse area with faulty lighting where it is permanently dingy, and bins and cars can easily bump into bikes.

Instead, place it in a prominent position and, by doing so, promote champions for active commutes.


DO NOT buy an almost big enough bike shelter; screw it together on-site through the finish so you void the warranty, and add plastic roof sheets that will degrade, turn yellow and crack within a few years.

Instead, build it from smart, sustainable materials that will provide a legacy for future generations and commit to a permanent installation that needs minimal maintenance.


DO NOT plonk in a set of hoop-type stands by screwing them directly into the tarmac; they will work loose quickly and make it easy for bike thieves to succeed again and again.

Instead, take time to look at the bike types and user ability so you can choose a cycle parking design & style that functions the best and is valued, thereby making cycling even more desirable.

Scottish Parliment Building Anti Cycle Parking
Scottish Parliment Building Anti Cycle Parking

Trendy but useless

Trying hard not to be cycle parking stands

Not inspiring cycle security confidence

Why bother

Recognisable bike parking hoops

The arched style allows for locking on different bike types easily

Placement along a clear desire line

Stakeholders on board with the protection of the enhanced park setting


DO NOT overlook the needs of your Finance Department. Money will be the biggest influencer in creating any cycle hub. Investing in poor facilities that result in stolen or damaged bikes and unhappy cyclists will have a high cost. Not just repairing poor infrastructure but the cost of recompensing for damaged or, worse still, stolen bikes, recouping employee productivity and well-being.

Instead, make the finance controller a key stakeholder in your plans. A great cycle hub is a self-fulfilling prophecy, speaking volumes about your care for employee wellbeing, good facility management and long-term financial planning. Spending time and money at the design and planning stage will provide the biggest return on investment.

Some H-B Designs Cycle Hub Recipe Project Outcomes

We do this every day. Ask us how we can do this for you by calling 1380 840819

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