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Horses Relax & Rejuvinate

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Equine Spa Building

Yes, horses also go to spa facilities to enjoy cold salt hydrotherapy on water treadmills to prevent injury and rehabilitate after an injury. An equine spa provides horses with analgesic pain management, taking out heat and inflammation and inhibits enzyme degeneration of tendons post-injury. Siting this type of unique equestrian facility requires excellent building design and planning. Our client approached us to design and supply a bespoke structure to sit within the rolling downs of Lambourn and meet the specific needs of an equine spa facility.

The building needed to be of the same footprint as the approved planning application, 10m long by 7m wide, but with an increased ridge height. It has to safely house the water filtration tank and operating system, protected from the animals and weather variations. There needed to be sufficient space for inspecting and washing down the horses and for the horse handlers and professionals involved. A client viewing area also needed to be allowed for.

The original planning drawing had a traditional brick base plinth with feather edge cladding above and a 4m ridge. The client wished to have the new equine spa building structure match the style and height of the existing horse walker and round pen, which were in close proximity. The brief was also to reduce costs from the original supplier quote.

Our solution provided three options with various pros and cons:

1. A six-leg Douglas Fir structure with half-height boarded side walls, open gables above half-height cladding, steel trapezoidal roofing with a 10-degree roof pitch.

This sturdy timber steel hybrid structure could have windbreak side panels added for winter months. No future allowance for retrofitting solar panels. No fall arrest required for assembly. Available on an average 8-week lead time.

2. All galvanised six-leg frame with pressure treated white wood rails with three-quarter height boarding sidewalls and full-height boarded gables and central sliding doors, 17.5-degree roof pitch, insulated roof panels with roof lights.

A class 2 structure that allows for retrofitting solar panels. 3.5m perimeter clearance on all side required for assembly. Available on average 14-week lead time. £ increase of £1500

End Elevation Cladding
End Elevation Cladding

3. An eight-leg Douglas Fir structure with half-height boarded sidewalls, full-height boarded gables with offset half-clad sliding doors, 18-degree roof pitch, insulated roof panels with roof lights

A class 2 structure that allows for retrofitting solar panels. Available on average 8-week lead time. £ increase of £4500

Contact us today to find out more about our specialist structures, design and build services on 01380 840 819

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