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Sold Secure 2018
Sold Secure 2018

H-B is committed to developing and producing unique and sustainable secure cycle parking. Their Advanced Compact Cycle Parking - Cycle-Street system has again been recognised by the Master Locksmiths Association’s Sold Secure and awarded with their Bronze rating.

Sold Secure is an independent body dedicated to reducing crime by assessing the security of products. It was established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex Police and is backed by the Home Office.

Cycle-Street: fail safe bike security for urban realm cycle parking

In addition to being Sold Secure rated ACCP Street provides bicycle caring parking with patented softdock® technology. The softdock® eliminates metal to metal contact so that each bicycle is supported firmly without the risk of another bike clashing or being locked together. There is a retracting locking arm on each unit which enables the cyclists to use their own security strop to doubly lock up their bike. One wheel, front or back, is secured in the softdock® and the locking arm reaches the other wheel making it easy to thread the locking strop or D lock from wheel through to the frame.

Crime Facts:

Crime survey for England and Wales (2017) gives staggering statistics:

- 58% of stolen bicycles are not locked when stored.

- 57% of bicycle thefts are from a ‘semi-private’ places – for example outside areas on the premises, sheds, garages or car parks around but not connected to the home.

- There were 276,000 estimated bicycle theft incidents during 2017

Sold Secure’s stamp of approval confirms H-B Designs’ status as a proven high quality and secure bicycle parking supplier.

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