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Our sports grandstands and stadia buildings have evolved from our developed cycle hub structures.

We offer a modular building system that is designed to cover areas at an affordable price for many generations. In 2012 responding to demand, we adapted our CURL structure from a unique cycle hub and storage structure into a distinctive small sports grandstand. Suitable for clubs and sports grounds of any league, the CURL has become an iconic pitch solution for schools, clubs and public spaces.

The need for a smaller pitchside stadia for grass root clubs with limited space pushed us to develop and launch in 2020 a new 4-TIER,  fifty seat stadia that could grow with the club.

Larger bespoke stadia are also within our remit using the same design principals to create opportunities for scope beyond match day.


  • A Robust long-life engineered structure
  • The ability to expand with your club's progress
  • An attractive, low maintenance building
  • Fantastic lines of sight from within for seated spectators
  • Compliance with the safety of the SGSA Green Guide
  • Meet ground grading requirements for minimum spectator capacities
  • Easy, cost-effective promotion of your sponsors
  • Integrated disabled access spaces
4-TIER compact 50+ seat stadia

Perfect for grass root clubs' to progress from 50 seats up to FA category D - appropriate to NLS Step 4. The new 4-TIER stadia is the perfect starting point for adding covered seated spectator facilities to your grounds. The robust hybrid steel and timber structure is designed to neatly sit behind the sidelines and protect spectators from the weather while ensuring their view of the game is uninhibited.

The 4-TIER compact design can be configured to seat 50 or 500 in a linear layout, each module joining the next. This long-life fully modular grandstand system is highly brandable to your club colours and easy to incorporate sponsors details.

• Compact footprint

• Green Guide 6th Edition compliant

• Fully engineered steel frame construction²

• 50 Fixed Seats, can be upgraded to fold-up seats

• Slip Resistant flooring

• Weather protective Eco Mesh cladding

• Central steps on 50 Seat module

• Corporate Colour Options

• Building module: W 8044 x D 4451 x H 3947mm

• Prices start from £16k

Product Specification

CURL60 stadia

CURL60 is the first modular sports stadia for permanent installation. The structure is an advanced next generation facility for spectators of field and track sports; a small, distinctive sports ground legacy.


With its contemporary curved, galvanised steel frame, CURL60 provides high levels of weather protection and comfort to spectators, with the rear parcel shelf allowing the seating space to be kept clear of unnecessary items. Storage under the stand ensures the CURL60 works beyond match day.


Configurable and cost effective CURL60 is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom for long life, low maintenance and 4r compliance and is perfect for grass root clubs to progress from 50 seats up to FA category D - appropriate to NLS Step 4.


• 50-60 seated spectators and 1 wheelchair space

• Opportunity to expand in future/demount for resale

• ‘Parcel shelf’ for kit and spectator possessions

• Storage beneath stand (with rec. slab foundation)

• Non-slip chequer plate floor

• Rail mounted tip-up seating

• Integrated rainwater system

• Glazing Panels                 

Building module: W 7050 x D 5337 x H 4359mm

Product Specification

CLOAK80 stadia

CLOAK80 sports grandstand the advanced next generation facility for spectators of field and track sports; a modular building system focused on the needs of the operator and spectator.


CLOAK80  is a fully modular large grandstand

For gradual progression from 80 seats to large stadium capacity. It can be configured with additional modules to suit clubs requirements including hospitality, press, changing, catering, retail and more. With its contemporary cantilever, galvanized steel frame and advanced features including insulated roofing CLOAK80 creates an inviting environment, providing comfort and weather protection for spectators.


Highly configurable and cost effective CLOAK80 is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom for long life, low maintenance and 4r compliance.


• 80 seated spectators per module

• Clear sightlines of entire field of play

• Modular design upgrades to FA ground grading Cat. A

• Opportunity to expand in future/demount for resale

• Fast and efficient installation, low maintenance

• Additional modules for hospitality, etc.

• Weatherproof and makes use of natural light

• Heat retention roofing system

• Banners/Decals¹ to promote club identity/sponsors


1st Building module W 10000 x D 5425 x H 5365mm

2nd Adjoining building module W 17000 x D 5425mm

3rd  Adjoining building module W 25000 x D 5425mm

Product Specification

Frequently asked questions about our Stadia Buildings

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What happens after my order has been sent?

We will e-mail you with confirmation of your order and price information.

Can I buy products and pay by cheque?

We are not able to accept payment by checks drawn outside Israel.

Which is the Card Number to use?

The card number is the long number in the centre of the plastic card. For most credit cards this is 16 digits long. American Express cards are 15 digits.

Can I send my card details by any other means?

You can register your credit / debit card details by telephone (+972-2-6276569), or fax (+972-2-5402577).

When is my Credit Card debited?

Your credit / debit card will only be charged at the time of dispatch of your order.

What happens to postage charges if some of my order is immediately available and other books are delayed?

We will normally hold products until all the order is ready for shipment. If the delay is expected to be more than 7 days, we may despatch the products that are immediately available and send the others later providing it is to the same delivery address. In this case, we will charge the Shipping Cost together with the relevant Product Cost with the first shipment and only the Book Cost with the second or subsequent shipments.

Post and Packaging Rates

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The cost of your order is calculated by its weight. On selecting any item in the store our system will automatically select the appropriate shipping fee.

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Our standard shipping method is by registered airmail, which arrives between 12 and 22 working days after your order. This is the optimum shipping method for packages up to 2 kilogram.

How do you ship if my order weighs more than 2 kilogram?

We are always concerned in saving you money, and so will find the cheapest method to send you a large order. We will generally split the order in to a number of airmail packages.

Can you expidite express delivery?

We are able to ship using the EMS (express mail service) of the Israeli Post Office. This takes beween 4 and 8 working days. Please contact us after ordering to receive a full EMS price quote.

Are the shipments trackable?

All our shipments can be tracked online. For the tracking number please contact us by email.

Are the shipments insured?

All our shipments are fully insured, so that in the event of loss on route, or damage to your product, you are fully covered and will recieve a replacement item.

Can you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes! We are able to ship to any country in the world, except those countries who do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

What happens if I have any special requirments?

Just send us an email with the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Postage and Packing Fees

Important information

Exceptionally heavy or bulk/large orders may incur additional shipping costs for which we will request your approval by email before shipment. Estimated delivery times are dependant on availability

Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

The Temple Institute Store unconditionally guarantees all the products purchased from our site. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us in its original condition within 30 days of your order for a complete refund. You shall be responsible for the cost of returning goods except in cases of faulty or damaged goods. If the return is due to an error we have made, we will also refund the delivery charges. Unfortunately we are unable to refund used books.

All returns should be sent to the following address:

The Temple Institute Store POB 29183 Jerusalem 9129101 Israel
To return goods, please ensure they are packaged securely and enclose a note quoting your name, address (credit cardholder and postage address if different) and email address and giving the reason for the return. Please contact us confirming this information so that we can commence processing the return. This returns policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Ring Sizes Chart

Ring Sizes Chart

The following chart can be used for your convenience when ordering any rings from our store. If you don't know your ring size you can figure it out in one of two ways: 1) Measure the inside diameter of a ring that you know fits your desired finger. Use a ruler, and try to measure the widest part of the ring. For the most accurate results we suggest measuring in millimeters. Find this number in the third (3rd) column from the left and find the corresponding measurement to the right under your country's system. or 2) Take a piece of string and starting with one end wrap it around your finger that you would like to wear the ring on. Where the string completes a circle around your finger mark it with a marker or hold it carefully with your fingers. Then measure with a ruler the length of the string from the end to your mark. Find that number in one of the first two columns on the left and find the corresponding measurement to the right under your country's system. Now you know your ring size! Remember, when ordering your rings to be sure to tell us your size in the "note to seller" box when you checkout. You can write down any size listed in the chart below, but be sure to tell us what column you used! If you have any difficulty finding your size, or if you size is not in our chart below, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


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