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Our modular cycle rack systems are specified with all you need to quickly and easily plan and install smart, high quality ‘hoop type’ cycle and scooter parking. Space efficient, strong and compatible with multiple wearing surface types including grass.


The HAVEN-Cycle Rack System is Modular, ‘Sheffield stand’ style cycle parking system ideal for the urban realm.


This modular cycle rack system can be configured to suit any scheme allowing maximum flexibility for upwards of 4 bikes parked.


Shallow embedment depths reduce any disruption to ground services and the flush ground rail presents no trip hazard and prevents the collection of detritus.


When integrated with TRACKPAVE the HAVEN-cycle rack system is compatible with non-standard wearing surfaces such as grass and gravel.


• 50mm Stainless Steel

• Ergonomic hoop to optimise secure cycle locking

• Intuitive and easy parking

• Minimal ground fixings

• Reduced foundation; 65% less than traditional stand

• Simpler reinstatement of wearing surface

• DiM (Demountable Identifiable Moveable)

Product Specification

Wiggle-cycle rack

WIGGLE-cycle rack is a modular tubular cycle parking system that is more efficient than a standard ‘Sheffield stand’  because it needs minimal ground work & foundation fixing material. It has clear sight lines and a compact footprint.

Fast and efficient to install, dedicated parking bays and optimised locking point for frame and wheels.

Choose from a range of components to build your system. Add options for bike frame protection, frame-fenders and or lock strops for additional easy security.

• Cost effective and simple to plan

• Modular system, configure to your specification

• Optimized locking point for frame and wheels

• Intuitive and easy parking

• Fast/efficient/cost effective

• Comes with pre-cast re-useable foundations

• Ergonomic hoop to optimise secure cycle locking

• Minimal ground fixings

Ask us to configure your project

to maximise your cycle parking with our unique space planning service


Scoot4 the secure, effective, fit and forget parking for all types of scooter. Ideal for schools and secure cycle/scooter storage areas.


Scooters are the pre-cursor to learning to ride a bike and are the popular choice for many younger children to self-propel themselves to nursery and school. They are  used by adults for onward journeys or simply to scoot to work.


Scoot4 neatly parks two and three wheel scooter types, with staggered handlebars acieving high density scooter parking. Where required, scooters can be locked to the frame itself. Made of tough and durable stainless steel the unit is fast, efficient and cost effective to install.

​• 32mm Stainless Steel satin finish tube

• Accepts 2 and 3 wheeled scooters

• Space efficient, high density parking

• Capacity -14 scooters per unit and more

• Scooters easily locked onto frame

• Ground level, intuitive ‘drop in’ style loading

Product Specification


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