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A site survey or topographical survey is the primary building block for any new project. Only with an up to date and accurately drawn survey is it possible to precisely work through the project feasibility, decision making and design/planning process. With today’s technology it is affordable and speedy to produce a site survey be it large or small, detail may also vary according to need. H-B Designs primarily set up this service for schools it is however obviously useful to all clients. Schools generally having larger sites understood our need for accurate surveys while designing their new cycle parking schemes. They could also see the ongoing daily uses for such a survey e.g. future school building or grounds work, school facilities/location plans, site maintenance, health and safety and more. These other uses underpin the surveys justification. If you have a project and wish to discuss how to go about arranging a topographical survey please get in touch.


Creating and delivering improved products, buildings and structures for everybody’s day to day bicycle and pedestrian activities is our job. H-B Designs provide a complete product design and architectural service from concept design, through to production and installation with the end user being considered at all times. Sustainable product and architectural design are at the heart of what goes on at H-B Designs.