Infrastructure for cycling, sports & recreation

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& Landscaping

H-B Designs pride themselves on handling whole project solutions in a diligent and efficient manner. We are experienced in all aspects of the installation of our schemes and take care to ensure the end result is completed to a high standard and on budget.


Installation & Landscaping

New Project Marketing
& Promotion

Delivering sustainable buildings and equipment for outdoor activities such as our leading pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure is only part of the whole process. A vital element often overlooked is the need for up to date, stylish communications and marketing to launch, promote and sustain user up-take.


New Project Marketing & Promotion

Project Feasibility
& Decision Making

We can help right from the start, call H-B Designs to have a chat about your project. You may require assistance with funding or project planning for example. By getting in touch early on in the process it will enable you to make informed decisions going forward and take the appropriate action to progress the project, maximising available funds and ensuring sustainable product and architectural design are at the heart of the project. We take nothing for granted in the project feasibility and decision making process.


Project Feasibility & Decision Making


H-B Designs provide all the necessary elements required to maintain the quality, safety, legal compliance, cost and time objectives that are needed to ensure the success of any project. Acting as the principal project management team or integrating with a larger managed project, we offer a blend of control, leadership, team work and resource management.


Project Management

Site Survey
Design & Planning

A site survey is the primary building block for any new project. With today’s technology it is affordable and speedy to produce a site survey, be it large or small. Detail may also vary according to need. Creating and delivering improved products, buildings and structures for everybody’s day to day bicycle and pedestrian activities is our job. H-B Designs provide a complete product design and architectural service from concept design, through to production and installation with the end user being considered at all times.


Site Survey Design & planning