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Ben Jordan, Head Teacher Gotherington Primary School 22th August 2009

Their cutting-edge design was met with massive approval from the children and was completed on time and to a very high standard....


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Project: School Scooter Storage

Client: Gotherington Primary School


a) Project to be implemented in line with available budgets.
b) Provide a long term sustainable bicycle and scooter parking facility for +10 bikes and +20 scooters.
c) That all the new cycle parking panels have ‘BrightStar’ decoration
d) All bikes parked into the system are to have dedicated parking slots and locking points.
e) that the scooter parking is of the new SCHOOT STA-1 type.
f) Low or zero maintenance is required for any new parking.
g) Parking at all locations should function safely and fit in with the day to day regime of that area.
h) New systems to be delivered as a turnkey project; consult, supply, project manage and install.
i) Bike park to be of dual use and act as sculptural interactive playground installation.
j) re-instate pathways to front of school entrance and try to keep pedestrains and bikes separate.


1 double sided entry - Mini WonderWall BrightStar cycle parking rack (14 bike capacity)
4 SCHOOT STA-1 units in PEA-GREEN (24 scooter school parking capacity)
50 square meters - TrackPave cycle and pedestrian wearing surface
6 linear meters of standard - StrongBoy demarcation bollards

School Scooter Storage