Infrastructure for cycling, sports & recreation

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Client: Corsham Primary School


a) Project located on new tarmac area as required, near to/at 51°25'37.22"N 2°13'17.42"W
b) Provide a long term sustainable bike park facility area for 29no. bikes.
c) The new cycle parking system will be covered and provide good year round weather protection.
d) All bikes parked into the system are to have a dedicated parking slot and locking point.
e) Low or zero maintenance is required for any new structures
f) The area is to function safely and fit in with the day to day regime of the school
g) The new system is to be delivered as a turnkey project
h) That the new infrastructure will develop and stimulate uptake of safe bike use to and from school


1 Topographical Survey Service

1 Planning Application Service

1 Interactive THEME Design Module 

2 double sided entry Wonderwall THEME cycle parking racks (29 bike capacity)

1 standard Woody Sustainable Oak & Steel Bike Shelter (22sq.m cover)

1 way marked TrackMat mini cycle way (40sq.m)


School Bike Shelter - Sustrans