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Car Parking Space to Parklet

17 August 2015

We have been working with Ealing Council for many years designing & supplying sustainable transport infrastructure to the borough. The #EalingPublicParklet is a new innovative and thoroughly British version of the popular street park that originated in San Francisco. 

In partnership with Transport for London, the London Borough of Ealing are repurposing car parking bays to provide amenities such as seating, canopies, greenery and cycle parking for public use. These living spaces will give streets a cost-effective makeover and improve the environment for all pedestrians and cyclists.

Using our history and knowledge of amenity horticulture and combining it with our innovative design abilities we are perfectly placed to provide a sustainable and creative Parklet solution. H-B Designs have conceived a unique moveable Parklet that can be reconfigured for different street positions and locations and to suit the needs of the public. Based upon a pre defined grid system with multiple parts that create walls, screens, planters and seats, this Parklet is more versatile and adapatable than a static fixed to the road version.

Why moveable? With no space to store large project furniture the London Borough can ‘let’ the parket throughout the year to different community groups and or relocate it to new street locations without worrying about wasting valuable funding or finding space & labour to deconstruct and store it.

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