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Winner - Cycle Rail Awards 2012

19 December 2012

Winner – 2012 National Cycle Rail Awards

The Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub Designed and Installed by H-B Designs Ltd

Besides its many and varied practical uses, our judges admired the Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub for its aesthetic design, which makes it stand out, yet blend in with the immediate environment.

London Cycle Awards - Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub

An emphasis on quality and longevity has made Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub a prominent and popular new facility. It has been crafted with high-grade, long-life sustainable materials, the galvanised steel shelters using post and beam timber frames, and wood is sourced within the UK from managed forests. Wherever possible, materials have been lifted, reclaimed and reused.

The natural environment was given due consideration, taking eight months of planning to design a structure that wouldn’t interfere with tree root systems and bespoke grilles were made for individual trees to maximise space while protecting the roots.

The facility’s design has been inspired to match the surrounding period architecture, while providing clear, unobstructed views to and from Haven Green and creating more space to improve cyclist and pedestrian movement. In addition, the Hub boasts full lighting and CCTV, a unique cycle parking system and passive surveillance from a variety of sources including local taxi drivers!

Beyond its immediate service to Cycle-Rail passengers, the Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub is already fulfilling its remit to benefit the wider community. Local Haven Green and nearby green spaces have been re-seeded and landscaped, the Hub provides weather protection for waiting taxi passengers and pedestrians and also houses restroom facilities for taxi and bus drivers. Besides the depth of support from a wide cross-section of the community, the Hub can boast some very tangible successes. Cycle theft levels have dropped 32%; pedestrian footfall has risen by 20% and cycle parking usage stands at an impressive 88%, while use of the Brompton Dock is at 50%.

Author: H-B Designs