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School Cycle Rack

24 January 2011

School bicycle Parking Rack


The WonderWall ‘Theme’ is a new bicycle parking rack designed specifically for primary schools. The new design incorporates customizable icons mounted to the top of the rack creating an inspiring piece of artwork whilst remaining highly functional as a bicycle parking system. The icons can be designed by the pupils and incorporated into the structure generating a educational talking piece. The theme shown is based on Science, Space and Exploration!

The team at H-B Designs understand the importance of installing pedestrian and cycle parking systems that are long lived, require little or no maintenance and operate efficiently. Equally environmental issues must be faced and combated at all stages. Lastly all infrastructures should be visually stimulating and benefit the dynamic learning environment of the school. These factors come together to stimulate and maintain continued bike and scooter use by students, staff and visitors. H-B Designs working with schools will integrate the design and engineering process with the teachers and students, ensuring ownership values along with creative and environmental understanding.

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