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Fortunate Lads

15 October 2010

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No.1 – Fortunate Lads

The other day I saw what can best be described as an old fashioned bike, and what’s more it was in mint condition. Sturmey Archer 3 Speed gear change, reversed handle bars – to kids in the immediate second post war years this was the fore runner of drop bars real racing style!  

Most bikes were quite often of the ‘Heinz’ variety, but the more fortunate lads around the village had second hand BSA or Raleigh models.  

The bike was your iron horse, your trusty steed which meant freedom, independence a status symbol and made you an acceptable mate among your peers. These were happy carefree days, when the roads, perhaps, were a lot safer to ride along. Today’s Guardians of the Health & Safety code-had they been around then-would have had a real field day, catching us riding one, two ,three and even four up whizzing down the lane whooping and laughing totally oblivious to the potential pileup, which, if and when it happened demanded more concern to the condition of the bike, than the bumps  and scratches any of us may have suffered.

Without stating the obvious, cycling today is still a fantastic, healthy, enjoyable activity. Kids of all ages from 3 to 93 should be encouraged to bike to school, college, university, the office, village shop, supermarket, train station, cinema, football and cricket grounds, local parks,  swimming pool, and yes, to the fish & chip shop as and when the need arises. As one who has had the T shirt for a long time I fully endorse owning and using a bike. So enjoy the independence it provides, get a life and use your bike!

The Bike Father

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