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ACCP Product Launch

23 November 2010

H-B Designs specialize in the design and integration of bicycle and pedestrian transport infrastructure. Their aim is to facilitate cyclists and pedestrians with the means to happily and safely make their way through our urban and rural landscape. H-B Designs are committed to designing valid solutions that provide real alternatives to motorised transport.



Advanced compact cycle parking storage

The bicycle just like the car is an evolved piece of engineering design. However when parking a bicycle unlike the car it cannot simply be locked and left in the multi-story car park. The car then with remote locking and acres of dedicated parking rules in our towns and cities. Increasing numbers of cyclists and their bikes however, not having remote locking and very few comparative acres of safe parking struggle on with meagre facilities, such as the bent U shaped steel tubes dotted around our streets providing the de facto parking experience.

However things change… the positive is that more and more people are making the daily commute on a bike. In towns and cities, businesses are increasingly looking for efficient ways to provide satisfying, secure, cost effective facilities for their cyclist work force.

It is often difficult though not impossible to find suitable general bike and pool bike parking spaces outside of city offices, surprisingly though there are always odd pockets of available space inside if you know where to look.  Areas such as underground car parking, empty basement rooms and offices. Hallways, service bays/loading areas even excessively large lobby reception areas can be optimised for bike parking without losing credibility. In fact credibility will be boosted and financial savings and tax incentives can be achieved by business and employee.

To deal with these issues head on H-B Designs have developed an evolved modular bike parking storage system that includes a separate bike specific kit locker. The new system is called ACCP or Advanced Compact Cycle Parking.  

The ACCP system is light weight, compact and efficient for bicycle and cyclist. All aspects of the ACCP system are unique the most striking being the softdock pods. These are what bikes are pushed into to park. The softdock pod, hugs the bike so there’s no more worries about damaging the bike in any way. Bikes are simply pushed and pulled in and out of the softdock pods. Park bikes in either direction, back wheel first or front wheel first. Secure bikes using the extendable steel arm with your own lock and when you leave with your bike the lock point arm retracts back into the ACCP unit.

The ACCP cycle specific kit locker is again like the base unit strong, secure and has been designed with the cyclist specifically in mind. The unit has copious ventilation points to deal with damp or sweaty clothing; there is even a drain mat in the base for wet shoes. Getting in and out of the locker is made easy via a tough up and over roller shutter door that clips shut and may be locked down with a suitable padlock. Internally there is a hook for helmet and back pack, on the opposite side is a bungee loop for cycle clobber. ACCP kit locker may be installed on top of the ACCP base unit or hung separately on any suitable wall.

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ACCP modules and components are suitable for internal and external applications, all parts are 4R compliant (Relocate Renovate Reuse Recycle). H-B Designs believes in evolving cycle parking storage systems in order that they catch up with the modern bicycle and cyclist.

If you would like more information on how the ACCP system can help your business please get in contact with Tim Hill-Baldwin on;            01380 840 819 | |

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