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Memory Lane no.1.

11 November 2010

Tradesman's Bike

Since the birth of the pedal cycle in the early 1890’s, biking gradually became widely available as a fun and enjoyable social pastime. It did not take too long for the entrepreneur to use the bicycle as a valuable means of transport for all sorts of purposes. Despatch riders used bikes in the First World War.  The grocer’s boy could be seen peddling around the roads and streets delivering the grocery order to the busy housewife. I can recall the local village milkman, churns of milk balanced across the handlebars of his stout framed machine, dispensing pints of creamy liquid into large flower patterned jugs.  It is hard to imagine the postman or woman being without the pillar-box red cycle when delivering our letters and parcels. The telegram lad is long gone. He did not always bring good news. The sight of him propping his cycle against the gatepost before walking up the path to deliver a telegram during the war years was an occasion everyone back home hoped they would not experience. ‘No thank you. There is no reply’.

In the immediate post war years of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s an increasing number of young people began going on cycling holidays.  Cycle panniers packed with clothing, toiletries, tinned food and other deemed essentials (a puncture outfit and one inch ordnance survey map of the area one planned to visit).  Lightweight tent, ground sheet, sleeping bag strapped across the rear mudguard and the open road to new horizons and adventure!  The YHA (Youth Hostel Association) was a great way of meeting like minded people from other parts of the country. Cycling on the continent! The bike made the world your oyster!

And so half a century later and the modern bike (mountain/off road models, lightweight speedsters, small, large, collapsible, trick and novelty designs) is a must for lots of people. With such a wide variety to choose from, the push bike continues to offer the relative freedom to travel, roam and explore, not only throughout our own gem of an Island (UK), but wherever your fancy takes you.

The Bike Father.  November 2010 

Modern Triathlon Bike

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