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Environmental Statement

about testHuman activity is placing an unsustainable strain on our planets resources, climate change is probably the most serious. It is also the most comprehensive, in that it affects everyone around the world. Life could not exist without natural global warming; it is the human contribution that is cause for concern. Our knowledge about climate change is increasing all the time and the general consensus is that within this century, if we do nothing, our present civilization would end. There are still a number of people who believe we have little to worry about but they are losing creditability as the evidence mounts against them. Climate change is today high on the political agenda, reflecting the concern shown at the highest Government level. A recent report from the WWF states that humanity has a footprint on the earth five times greater than its capacity to respond, using the earths capital with no repayment plan.

Oil use for transport saw a 30% rise in the last quarter of the Twentieth Century, making transport a major contributor to both local and global pollution. Reduced air quality can have serious detrimental health effects on sensitive people. This together with dwindling resources will lead to increasing and uncertain transport costs in the future. The real debate is between the various ways we can implement change to avoid the most serious effects. The problem is that even if we stop, today producing climate change gases the earth will continue to warm because of the gases we have produced in the recent past. Britain has been the second largest producer (after America) of climate change gases mainly because the industrial revolution began here and because we are still the fourth largest economy on earth.

Our contribution to effect a positive change is to offer innovative new solutions for integrated travel planning, sustainable design, and education from concept to completion, for both industry and the public sector. The development of a sustainable non-motorized transport policy presents an ideal opportunity to develop sustainable strategies, throughout the organization. Sustainable management has a proven record of accomplishment throughout the world in improving profitability within organizations of all sizes. H-B Designs are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of both their activities and those of their client, for the benefit of present and future generations.