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Environmental Policy

H-B Designs are committed to the protection of the environment at all locations where activities are performed. As an environmentally conscious business, we are committed to the following environmental objectives:

  • Managing detrimental effects on the environment from our business activities by actively seeking opportunities for continual improvement.

  • Strive to minimize releases to land, air and water, through reuse, recycling, reduction and elimination of waste (4R).

  • Strive to reduce the impact of noise light pollution on the environment.

  • Co-operating with customers and suppliers to improve our environmental performance.

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and industry codes of practice.

  • Monitoring environmental improvements through documentation and targeting.

  • Ensure the requirement of this policy is communicated and understood by stakeholders throughout the organization.

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    Active Ongoing Procedures

  • specify the highest quality materials possible to ensure longevity and durability of our products.

  • minimise unnecessary unique manufacturing processes by developing system-based product.

  • use where possible products and materials that have an established route to recycling.

  • innovative use of design to reduce the material content in like for like products and structures.

  • procurement of sustainable materials from renewable sources.

  • consider the environmental impacts of any protective treatments and coatings applied to materials used.

  • monitor manufacturing processes to negate environmental pollution.

  • ensure that no process or product that we develop harms people or the ecology of our planet.